June 17, 2024

How to Take Care of Curly Hair in High Humidity

Humidity alters the behavior of hair, as anyone who has hair will attest. Human hair is dynamic, meaning that one can sense changes in air humidity right away. Unfortunately, the changes that humidity brings about in our hair are not particularly welcome for us wavies and curlies. Humidity causes many curly haired people’s hair to become unruly and frizzy.

During the steamy summer months, frizz has become. The norm and many curlies have merely learned to smile and put up with it. However, you may lessen the impact of humidity on your curly hair by making a few adjustments to your regular regimen.

But first, we must comprehend what transpires to curls when humidity levels rise. Curly or not, every hair strand consists of several layers. The cuticle refers to the outermost layer. The cuticle of hair opens under high humidity environments, allowing airborne moisture to enter the hair’s inner shaft. Your hair’s texture will vary as a result of the keratin strands’ chemical connections changing. Straight hair becomes wavy in the presence of humidity, whereas curly hair becomes frizzy and difficult to manage.

In order to better manage your curly hair and reduce frizz during the humid summer months. Consider making the following changes to your regimen.

Increase The Wetness

Giving your hair the moisture it requires will stop it from absorbing moisture from the air. While it’s humid outside, despite what may seem paradoxical. Your hair is more vulnerable to the effects of humidity the drier it is.

Increasing the moisture in your hair is highly customized and based on its individual requirements. You’ll have to observe your hair to determine how often it needs to be rehydrated. You can prevent anything that might be drying out your hair, such too frequent washing or harsh chemicals, and give your hair the moisture it needs with deep conditioning treatments and oils.

Apply a Heat Shield

Heat protectants are beneficial even if you don’t use heat for styling your hair; this is especially true if you use heat. Heat protectants assist your hair stay nourished and sealed, reducing frizzy curls when the humidity rises. They also help the cuticle lie flat. Try include a CG-friendly heat protectant product in your routine if you find that deep conditioning treatments and oils are just not enough to keep your hair frizz-free and adequately hydrated when the weather gets warm.

‍When washing, drying, and styling your hair, use gentleness.

While adhering to this rule is always a good idea, it becomes even more crucial during the sweltering summer months. After taking a shower, avoid drying your hair with terrycloth towels since they pull on your cuticle and take away too much moisture. This causes your hair to be parched and to have a raised cuticle, which causes frizz as your hair dries and is exposed to atmospheric moisture.

Avoid brushing your hair, even when it’s wet, is another wise maxim. For hair that is curly or wavy, brushes are too harsh and over time can weaken and damage the individual strands. Use a finger detangling tool or wide-tooth comb instead, and only detangle in the shower with adequate conditioner.

Lastly, be mindful of the items you use to wash your hair. Even though they are CG-friendly, certain items dry up more quickly than others. Consider omitting a product from your routine for the months with high humidity if you find it to be very drying on your hair.

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