June 17, 2024

Five Top Curly Hair Drying Techniques

The last stage of your routine, drying your hair, is crucial. Your deep conditioning and scrunching efforts will have been in vain if your curls don’t dry perfectly. With five of the greatest techniques for drying curly hair, we’ve got you covered!


Drying your curls with a diffuser is the fastest way to dry your hair. Diffusers are great if you’re looking to add more volume to your hair, if you’re pressed for time, or if you find that your curls lose their definition because they’re weighed down by water/product. But while diffusers certainly have their benefits, they are not without their risks. If you’re not careful ,Five Top Curly Hair Drying you can heat damage your hair quite easily. To avoid this, keep the blow dryer on the cool setting and dry your hair in sections. Some people also experience more frizz when diffusing their curls, so if your hair is particularly prone to frizz, this method might not be best for you.

Air Drying

The most basic and tried-and-true way to dry your hair is to simply let it air dry. It is the most gentle method of drying hair and is excellent for individuals who want greater definition to their curls. For optimal results, use styling products and avoid touching your hair while it dries. Frizz might occur if you toss or touch your hair excessively while it dries. Air drying can require more time, therefore people with low porosity, slow-drying hair might find it impractical. For people with naturally voluminous hair, air drying is the ideal option as it produces less volume than other procedur


Braids, twists, bantu knots, and other similar techniques let you extend the natural curl pattern in your hair as it dries. They’re fantastic since they let you temporarily switch up your look without putting your hair through damaging chemicals like those in relaxers. Five Top Curly Hair Drying You may use this procedure as often as you wish without worrying about damaging. Your hair with heat or harsh chemicals, and it doesn’t beat your hair into submission.


Although many curlies find excellent success with plowing, it is not frequently utilized as a stand-alone drying technique. Many curlies immediately towel dry their hair after taking a shower. Giving their hair a quick boost before switching to another drying technique. Almost all curly hair types benefit from plowing, which also solves a number of problems like frizz and flat roots. Plotting can be used as a starting point for diffusing, air drying, and other comparable drying techniques. Which can be incorporated into many drying regimens. Plopping is also an effective drying technique on its own; just leave it in place until your hair is 90% dry. See our beginner’s guide to plopping for additional details.

The Bonnet Dryer

With a bonnet dryer, you can dry your hair rapidly and primarily “hands-off.” With a steady stream of air, bonnet dryers and their hooded counterparts fit over your hair to dry it. Like a diffuser attachment, you may purchase a bonnet dryer attachment for your blow dryer or discover bonnet dryers as stand-alone products. In addition to being a terrific tool for rapidly and gently drying hair. Bonnet dryers are also useful for setting moisturizing treatments like deep conditioning.

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